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Rig Veda is the Knowledge of Recited Praise, Yajur Veda the Knowledge of Sacrifice, Sama Veda the Knowledge of Chanted Hymns and Atharva Veda the Knowledge of Prayers, Charms and Spells.

Apart from Yajur Veda, all the other three were composed as perfect metrical verses.

‎‎), born Shihab ad-Din (1149 – March 15, 1206), also known as Muhammad of Ghor, was Sultan of the Ghurid Empire along with his brother Ghiyath ad-Din Muhammad from 1173 to 1202, and as the supreme ruler of the Ghurid Empire from 1202 to 1206.

Mu'izz ad-Din was one of the greatest rulers of the Ghurid dynasty, and is credited with laying the foundation of Muslim rule in South Asia, that lasted for several centuries.

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) was the founder and first ruler of the Shunga Empire in North India.

Pushyamitra was originally a Senapati "General" of the Maurya Empire.

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Do you wish to Meet hundreds of marriage-minded Russian girls in 10-14 days? Most men enjoy the tours immensely, and describe them as The most exciting adventure of my life.reward to whoever brought him the head of a Buddhist monk.However, the various sources offer differing suggestions about which Brahmin gotra (clan) Pushyamitra belonged to. Jayaswal theorized that Shunga was a Brahmin with two gotras (dwaimushyayana or dvigotra): his family traced their ancestry to both Bharadvaja and Vishvamitra lineages. Ghosh theorized that the Shunga family derived from the Shunga of the Bharadvaja gotra, and the Shaishiri of the Vishvamitra gotra (Kata group). Your e-mail address will not be visible to other visitors. Register, and you can start contacting other members.We will do our best to eleminate spammers and scammers. One thing that may be more important than the quality of your photo is the strategy you use for making contacts.In the meantime, he assisted his brother Ghiyath in his contest with the Khwarazmian Empire for the lordship of Khorasan in Western Asia.


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