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Louisville has been the site of many important innovations through history.

Notable residents have included inventor Thomas Edison, U. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, boxing legend Muhammad Ali, newscaster Diane Sawyer, actors Victor Mature, Ned Beatty and Tom Cruise, actresses Sean Young and Jennifer Lawrence, singer Nicole Scherzinger, the Speed family (including U. Attorney General James Speed and Abraham Lincoln's close friend Joshua Fry Speed), the Bingham family, industrialist/politician James Guthrie, U. Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc Connell and writers Hunter S. Notable events occurring in the city include the largest installation to date (in 1883) and first large space lighted by Edison's light bulb and the first library in the South open to African Americans.

The history of Louisville, Kentucky spans hundreds of years, with thousands of years of human habitation.

The area's geography and location on the Ohio River attracted people from the earliest times.

In 2016, they brought their camera crew along for World Fest and captured this amazing footage.

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The city is located at the Falls of the Ohio River.

The rapids created a barrier to river travel, and settlements grew up at this pausing point.


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