Meadowcroft dating

This Late Ice Age locality has figured prominently in the history of American Anthropology and promises to yield new insights into the behavior of the First Floridians. Currently, he is the principal investigator of the re-excavation at the Old Vero Ice Age Site in Florida.Above the rocky bluffs of Cross Creek is the oldest known human habitation in North America, the rock shelter at Meadowcroft Village, dating back some 13,000 years.We also sit atop the Pittsburgh Coal Seam, one of the richest veins of bituminous coal in the world.Soon Adovasio was put in touch with Miller, and when the two hit it off, Miller realized that he’d found his archeologist.During those intervening years between Miller’s discovery and his connecting with Adovasio, Miller and his brother Delvin Miller, a titan in harness racing, founded the Meadowcroft Museum of Rural Life, restoring old cabins, a schoolhouse, a barbershop, a church, and a covered bridge.

But long before archaeologists and others came to investigate and work at the site, nature’s hand had already morphed its appearance many times over through thousands of years of weathering and erosion.Under the auspices of the Heinz History Center, the multifaceted outdoor museum at Meadowcroft offers year-round, hands-on entertaining and educational activities that touch on many aspects of the region’s heritage.The Rockshelter’s ongoing archeological dig takes visitors far back in time to the world of hunter-gatherers, the region’s first human inhabitants.This flight of seemingly countless steps, ascending with rails almost like scaffolding to a destination high above, invited a small sense of adventure.But I could envision that, long before this modern, convenient construction, human visitors surely had a more challenging task.In 2005, we marked the beginning of exploration for natural gas and have seen ongoing drilling and natural gas production from the Marcellus Shale and other gas seams.


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