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We take your safety online very seriously and that's why we have a team dedicated to checking all profiles and removing scammers. Our Customer Service Team is available to answer your questions and provide help via our Online 'Live' Chat or via email.Australia South Africa Our websites now have over 5 million single members with thousands of people joining every week all looking for love and friendship.Join for free and have fun meeting new singles just like yourself with instant messaging, email, winks and video chat.I've been calculating for the past few years what I call my gym's "Aspie Hours", or times throughout the day when the least number of people are likely to be there. If I'm going to spend to make my apartment smell like cannabis for 60 hours, I expect to wake up at the end of those 60 hours thigh-deep in chicken bones and half-eaten Hot Pockets with a 50-page opus on my desktop about how time is cyclical titled "SERIOUSLY_DO NOT FUCKING FORGET THIS.doc", not holding an empty 9oz glass jar with the clearest head I've had since I was 14.- Teresa got a part-time job reporting traffic for the local NBC news station and recently said the following on air: "Reports are coming in of an overturned blueberry truck on I-95 just outside of Baltimore. So basically, this means that in my own mind, the following is my stance on verbal abuse: VERBAL ABUSE IS STILL ABUSE! These hours are roughly the following: -am, after the nine-to-fivers go to work, before the housewives come in; -ish, after the lunch rush, before the evening rush, during group classes; and -pm, after the evening rush, before closing. So if you're headed up that way tonight, it looks like you're headed for a real jam." I bring this up only because I need you to know how incredibly sexually attracted I am to that joke. I've overheard plenty of neighbors yell at their significant others in my time, but this was some next level shit. Right" by taking a more scientific approach to her love life.


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