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At Nightline, we like to treat our new callers right. Come chat with other singles and people who live in. Black Chat Mate offers a premier North American black chat line numbers to meet local singles around your area. No agenda, just here to hopefully chat with single older men, women any age and couples.I have great stamina, blow huge loads and can cum multiple times.Then again, you run the risk of having the other guy hiding the fact that he's 900 years old or 900 pounds.I've chatted on the Manhole and the Free Chat Line both.Other services include directory enquiries, weather forecasts, competitions and voting (especially relating to television shows).1-900 numbers weren't just for sex lines and psychics (thought they were probably mostly used for that).They were a way of transmitting information for money in a pre-Internet world for things like jokes, music, games, and fan club information.

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I too agree with Dave it seems there has been a shift in the mindset of the way things seem to go in chat while I think there should be the opportunity for the normal day to day chat as well there is a time and a place for that as well but as long as the conversation doesn't get out of line and cross the lines into cybering or anything else that is against the rules maybe something needs to be re- evaluated or something needs to lighten up a little relax and realize we are all adults who should be able to have boundaries and stay within guidelines all the while being given the opporunity to express ourselves and our own personal interests wants desires in an opne and free environment like chat is supposed to be I still also however think B n P run one of the best sites there is !!!

To ease the creation of these tones, electronic tone generators known as blue boxes became a staple of the phreaker community, including future Apple Inc.

The blue box era came to an end with the ever-increasing use of computerized phone systems, which sent dialing information on a separate, inaccessible channel.


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